I have been lecturing for some weeks now. I was quite excited when I got the post but then I felt anxious and nervous some few days to the start of my lectures. Trust me, I didn’t sleep well the night before I started. I kept asking myself who koraa sent me? I got up very early, I arrived in the classroom about 30 minutes earlier. I went through my notes over and over again.
The first lecture went absolutely well. My friend Dormenyo suggested that I start with an Ice breaker which worked very well. I presume it was the highlight of the day. (Students just want to have fun haha!) Thank you very much DD!
At the end, I thought to myself, so this is it and I was so stressed. I had to go back after the lecture to rest because I was exhaused from the lack of proper sleep the previous night. Paul is absolutely right when he says we should not be anxious about anything! Well, God is still working on me.
One thing that struck me during one of my classes was the fact that I used to have lectures in the same classroom when I was in Master 1. I was so much encouraged that I, Emmanuella who used to sit in the classroom in utter confusion, with a bar of snickers to snack on to keep me from sleeping could be standing in front of second and third year Bachelor students as a Lecturer. The Lord has been teaching me a lot about seasons this year. Walking into some of these classrooms I sat as a student melts my heart and reminds me of how seasons change. I am learning to live each season of my life to the fullest, being content and thankful for each one of them because the tables can turn in a split second. I have a lot of things on my plate now : a youth leader of my church, writing my thesis, my student job and also this part-time lecturing, but I am very grateful for the Grace to joggle all that. It can get tiring. A lot of things to do during the week, hence I have resolved to rest more during the weekend. These days, I arrive 1 minute before the start of the class. Yes, the season of arriving 30 minutes earlier because of stress is over.
I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.
John 1 :16
For from his fullness we have all received, Grace upon Grace.

10 réflexions sur “And just like that she became a part-time Lecturer

  1. This is amazing Ella. You donto know the push you’re giving me 😍😍😍… it’s always positive and so strong to move forward for the goodies God has installed. Continue the good work. Stay blessed💖


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